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Experience how you can plan and execute logistics supply chain scenarios in a 3D virtual world in real time. The LSCSIM provides the perfect suite of commercial, marine and terminal tools to optimise your ports performance. BOOK YOUR TICKET


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    Logistics Supply Chains span the globe, making it very challenging to train and expose employees to the entire operational environment due to safety reasons. Creating a 2D and 3D virtual world with all the processes, role players and cargo handling equipment available to a learner enhances the understanding of port operations and the criticality of throughput efficiency.


    The Virtual Logistics Supply Chain training enables observation, engagement, interaction, and participation in self-guided and group-based learning scenarios. The training platform offers instant, multi-perspective, media-rich feedback to support the trainee’s learning; and enables further iterative scenario-based training.

    DAY 1

    15 April 2021

    8 am GMT Europe

    9 am SAST

    11 am GST Middle East Region

    2 pm WIB Asian Region

      DAY 2

      22 April 2021

      10 am CST North and Central America

      12 pm BRT South America

      5 pm SAST



        Thivash Moodley

        Thivash Moodley

        Wouter Roos

        Wouter Roos

        Bryan Stanley

        Bryan Stanley

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